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Posted: Aug 7, 2009

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Myself, I don't fight (real fights or competition), but I got in a lot of fights as a kid, I always want to be fit for self-defense fighting and I cannot help but to watch UFC when I'm channel-flipping.

So far, I've managed to avoid any real fights as an adult, but it's like owning a firearm... you're very unlikely to ever need it, but if you do ever need it, it could save your life!

On training, I've found that when I'm really angry at someone in my life, I can really feel what I think is a surge of testosterone... and I've wondered if "getting mad" might actually help fighters, body builders and compettion weight lifters get stronger. There is alot of evidence out there about how a person's testosterone levels rise or fall, based on psychological/environmental condiations (and the very low levels females have probably fluctuate the same way).


Posted: Jun 16, 2010

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Yes falcon you are right to say don't fight unless you really have and you have no other choice ,if you are sparring of in a contest things a very different to defending your self on the street which is a lot more dangerous ,.I for one simply don't believe anyone who says they can teach you everything for the street .One thing you don't find in a ring is someone high on drugs you fight one person at a time rather than a pack .which means groundwork is limited .The only thing that can help is your breathing /correct focus application of technique.The style i train in is very introspective in this relationship but also very dangerous in application which makes full contact free sparring almost impossible with out full body Armour that impairs movement, but has a full documented history ,all systems are as good as each other, the thing about the arts is that they are fluid and theres something for everyone ,
yes getting angry the rush of testosterone might make stronger but you can lose the edge by being less focused correct breathing is the answer don't compete you breath with your punches let the whole be just one unit .


Posted: Apr 26, 2013

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When you get angry you lose focus and control. If you're going up against someone who has some training and isn't getting that worked up, they'll be able to over come because your strikes and moves will become obvious. When you're sparing against someone, it's for training purposes and you should never get angry. It's not fair to your partner, or yourself. You're short changing both parties. Both should be able to walk away having learned something, worked on something, and with minimal injuries.
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