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Balanced Nutrition
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First, thank you for allowing me into this group.
Next, I'd like to say something about how to balance your eating habits; having kept my same waist size now, at 61, since I was 18. It was 36 then, and it still is. Now, I feel I've learned how to eat healthy meals yet, still, get the nutrients my body requires every day from my food sources. I also take supplements every day.
I am a strict carnivore. Or omnivore if you want to get technical.
I tried the vegetarian lifestyle back in the 80's for a whole year. No beef, chicken, or pig products all that time. No meat at all.
I had no energy, no excitement for anything, and felt like I was not healthy, and kept losing too much weight; from 235lbs, at 6'3", and extra large, long bones, down to around 190, and I looked like a bean pole, with no muscle mass, and I was working out at the gym at the time; and didn't get enough protein from the legumes, whole grains, and various other sources I had to eat.
So to get my health back, gain my lost weight, and return my energy levels to normal, I gave up the vegetarian lifestyle, and went back to being a carnivore.
Now, I avoid all seafood, since it doesn't agree with me; and do eat fish, but not (scrapfish) bottomfeeders like catfish, for example.
I also avoid anything from the pig since they are known to eat their own waste, and almost anything else they can get or find. And it also doesn't agree with my system.
I have replaced pork products with turkey substitutes, though not with the fatty taste of pork, the turkey has a very high amino acid content, and very low cholesterol(High HDL, Low LDL).
You can now find turkey bacon, ham, sausage,and pepperoni in several different brands at your grocery.
Now, for the balanced part: The most important thing you can do every day is to EAT BREAKFAST!
Whether you have a substitute egg dish(Egg Beaters) or a doughnut
(not healthy), or even a breakfast bar with a high protein content, eat what ever your body tells you it needs, until it tells you you've gotten your necessary components.
If you learn to listen to your body, you'll know what I'm talking about.
For me, I have two poached eggs, 3 strips of turkey bacon, 2 slices of dry whole grain toasted bread, a pint sized glass of not from concentrate OJ, and my own blend of coffee/ unsweetened chocolate drink, 2 cups every morning, with stevia powder, and cream in them. In the very cold weather I might switch the toast for a small serving of hash brown potatoes. Two kinds of carbs at the same meal is too many.
I've found most seniors stop eating any protein for breakfast, and start to lose muscle mass for fat, since they usually eat something like a bowl of cereal for breakfast, which has to have extra protein added to it to give them barely enough.
To me cereal makes a great snack, but a poor breakfast food.
If I'm not working, or going to school that day, I either skip the midday meal, or eat very light; like a salad, with a non dairy based dressing, like Italian, and a sandwich or soup with a little rice or pasta in it.
I always have fruit, fresh is best, but when out of season, dried is OK, with every daytime meal; juice at breakfast.
If I'm working I eat 2 vegetables, carrots and celery for example; also radishes are great for packing to work.
Other veggies I sometimes eat are roma tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, scallions, and on ocassion, artichokes, Chew a little mint afterwards to kill the bad breath.
For dinner I have a SMALLER portion of protein than at other meals, usually about a 4 ounce size fish fillet, chicken breast, piece of beef, or maybe a starch item with a smaller amount of the protein item.
A word about cheese right here for lovers of that dairy item; try mozzarellla, in slices, or shredded, or best of all, fresh packed in water with some fresh basil, and roma tomatoes for a very healthy, delicious, non filling, but healthy lunch substitute for that bologna sandwich or burger. The dairy fix is in.
I also have learned to eat 2 vegetables for dinnner with my other dishes. I usually have them hot; whereas, elsewhere I eat them uncooked. Green, orange, or yellow are some good ones.
I sometimes have fresh fruit for dinner as well to help fill me up.
I don't eat empty calorie foods like those that morbidly obese individuals seem to favor: Hostess twinkies, etc. I also avoid most candy except chocolate, the darker, the better. About 70% bean is right for me.
I do sometimes have a soft drink, but no more often than 2x's a week. I don't keep any in the house, just buy enough for that time. I also drink Green tea, lots of water, and other juices like Ruby red grapefruit, apple, cranberry, and pomegrante. White grapefruit is too sour for me. In warm weather I like Lemonade and Limeade. And always lots of fresh water.
If I chew, I chew sugarless gum.
And, by follwing this balanced plan, no extremes, since I eat what I want, when I want, but not that much or that often, I maintain my right weight, body size, musculature, and health.
And at 61, and being told I look about 40, without my beard. that is, this plan works perfectly for me.
If you are getting on in years, and start to notice what used to be muscle is now turning flabby, try my suggestions, and see if it helps you get that physique you loved so much before, back again.
I don't avoid anything I want, except as stated, but never have so much it makes me sick or nauseous, like some people.
When my meal is finished I have the right energy level for me, and I'm able to have a dessert if I choose,without that stuffed feeling.
I hardly ever have any stomach issues. I rarely get sick.
The last medical checkup, just last year in 2011, I was told I have the bone mass of a teenager, so Osteoporosis has never been a problem.
I've kept this up for about the last 10 years, gradually cutting back on things like red meat, no more than 3 meals a week,and only extra lean or ground chuck, round, or sirloin; when available, which has less fat, than regular ground beef. Or maybe a lean steak, never raw(tartare).
I've learned to get all 26 of my needed amino acids from a combination of meat, fish, dairy, and legumes. That's the balance I'm talking about.
When I drink milk, I've gotten used to the taste of the skim variety, so that's what I drink. About a glass a day, average.
If you really want to eat healthy just try to balance your protein, carbs, fatty acids/oils, and nutrients(vitamins and minerals) as best as you can; and you'll have that waistline back in no time.
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