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Fasting For Health
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Are you talking about skipping a meal?
You mean breakfast right? not lunch? And dinner? for 3 whole days, nothing to eat?
You've got to be kidding. I'll starve to death!
Isn't it amazing what people will say to avoid even the subject of doing without food for a day or 2 or 3?
Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, and Jews; also Native Americans have been doing it for centuries, but normal people, not having any, thank you!
So, here's a few facts first.
In a crisis situation, lost at sea from a shipwreck, for example, survivors can go without food for about 3 weeks, as long as they have a water source, usually from rainwater. Maybe human waste water. Yeccch!
Some have gone without food for days on end, and still made it back to safety, and a meal.
Your stomach, a muscle, will shrink. You will feel the lack of energy; you will have this awful dry taste in your mouth. But you'll be alive. You'll be a shadow of your former self, but you be alive.
As long as there's water.
I got into fasting 3 days straight, once every two weeks, way back in the 70's when others were doing it too.
I started with a meal. Guess which one? No, not breakfast. That would be too easy. And not very helpful. Lunch, that's nothing. Anybody could do that. Many do every day. No it was dinner; most people's favorite meal.
I skipped dinner, and didn't eat anything that whole night.
Tough? You can't even imagine.
So, after a near sleepless night, I fixed my usual breakfast.
I almost got sick from the grease in the fried eggs, the fat and salt in the meat, and the sugar in the jelly on my toast.
And the juice gave me a stomach ache from the excess acid in it.
So I learned to eat carefully after fasting. Do what I now call "breaking the fast", on soft whole grain bread, or plain pasta, no sauce, or plain rice, or maybe oatmeal, anything soft, bland, and filling. Even mashed potatoes is good, very little salt, maybe a little real butter.
Jello is a great fast breaker. Anything, fruit or vegetable, not spicy, acidic, or nutty. Sweet potaotes baked in the oven would work well. Plain
Now, about the fasting itself: start slow, with one dinner skipped, then, next time try to go a whole day. Just drink diluted juice
(apple, cranberry, grape, blueberry, plum, bosenberry, pomegranate), nothing with citric acid, malic cid is OK. If you can handle it plain water is best. If you like tea, try green or white, plain, of course. No caffeine varieties are recommended. Just be careful what's flavoring it.
Whenever you get hungry, drink a SMALL amount of juice or water.
Drink juice or water when you'd normally eat a meal.
At one time just to see how long I could do it, me, not you, fasted for 8 straight days on water only. No juice.
I was tired for the next 3 days, and could barely do my job. After the fast, that is. During I was invigorated, but had very little physical strength.
Oh, yes! I went to work every day. And, I also worked out on Nautilus machines every day of that period.
Now, unless you're used to fasting, don't do this, unless you want to break your muscles down.
But I finally decided to go for a 3 day body cleansing fast to eliminate toxins, and discipline my eating habits to get control over them.
We should eat to live; not live to eat. Food should not have any power over us if we're really healthy. Neither should we starve ourselves to achieve the unachievable.
So try a missing dinner one day. Then skip meals a whole day. Then, if you can, 3 days, and see how trim, and healthy, and loose, and fit, and better you feel as those toxins leach out of your system; and you fill it back up with only healthy eating from that time on.


Posted: Apr 23, 2013

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When I was in college I was friends with a college professor who was into fasting. He taught me how to fast. His method was to do a weeklong fast but prepare for fasting in stages the month before.

Start with cutting out all processed foods and stimulants from your diet the first week. All meats the second week, all vegetables the third week (veg./fruit juices instead), all fruits the fourth week(fruit juice ok). I was now prepared to drink only water for my fasting period.

Hope this helps. I used this method to detox my body and relieve stress periodically. Note: reverse the process exactly and you wont become sick.
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